Thursday, May 15, 2008

60 years

Few days ago I celebrated mother’s day, away from my mother.

Today I am commemorating Al-nakbah (Palestinian Catastrophe), which to me is much like mother’s day. Palestinians and supporters of the Palestinian cause remember and honor the Palestinians for their struggle against discrimination and ethnic cleansing. We honor the Palestinians not only for surviving their catastrophes but also for their resistance.

Just like mothers, no matter what I do, say, or yell from the top of my lounges, it is not going enough. All what I do is never going be enough to repay the honor of belonging to Palestine.

Just like mothers, the Palestinian people resist, struggle, cry, hope, build and rebuild, and pray for better well-being every year and every day. They try and exhaust all options in the effort of returning the life that they had prior to 1948.

Considering the turnaround of events over the past 60 years nothing seems impossible. It was just 60 years ago when the Jews/Israeli settlers were deported from their home lands to the ‘promised land’. Those people were expelled from Europe and instead of fighting back for their right of return to their homes; they invaded the Arab’s land. Considering how the illegal settlement has turned into a structured country within sixty years, I don’t see why not the legitimate owners of the land (Palestinians) cannot go back. It is all a matter of time, and a matter of political events turning around.

Today I am not writing to be sorry and to shed a tear. I am just writing to remember all the under privileged children in Palestine. All the sick without health care. All the children stripped out of their right to play and feel safe. Every young Palestine eager to learn and go to school, or what is remaining of it. And to all the under privileged people in Gaza…