Sunday, February 24, 2008

Parking in Amman...

I came across this short film for Amin Matalqa. This video is overly dramatized of course to make a point. But every woman who drives in Amman would know how likely it is to happen.

I got my license at 16 and have been driving since grade 11. However the fact that I drive a Saudi car in Amman did not help much.

My advise is to close your windows before you start parking. Pretend that you are about to hit one of those guys by mistake. Hopefully it will scare them.
And yea, practice your parallel parking skills inside your garage, and ignore the comment " Walah bte3raf tsof".... :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It is not Jerusalem, Israel, never been, and never will be!

OTTAWA (AFP) — A Canadian immigrant has lost his court battle to have his birthplace, Jerusalem, recognized as part of Israel on his passport as Ottawa insists it must remain neutral on the contested holy city.

The Supreme Court refused Thursday to hear the appeal of Eliyahu Veffer, who immigrated to Canada about 12 years ago and wanted his Canadian passport to show he was born in "Jerusalem, Israel.Veffer's passport states only his birth city with no reference to any country because Canada does not want to be seen as taking sides in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians over claims to the holy city, officials said.

It is very refreshing to hear such news from the supreme court. I do understand the frustrating of not being able to identify your country of birth on your passport. I do greatly understand being stripped from your rights to enjoy your country, and your home town. But to Veffer I say; I do not think that you should argue that if you want to be a Canadian citizen. I also would like to tell him that he can practice his racism outside of this country too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I seriously hate being the first one to arrive to work. First, I have to go get the keys from the 3rd floor to open the door to the office I work in, which is in the basement of this building.

The HEAVY door, which I have held open with a rubber door holder keeps on closing, mysteriously.

I would have to do the photocopying, which involves a whole lot of stairs climbing. Plus, I have to work the super advanced photocopier that jams for no reason making me feel so incapable and stupid. Seriously, Technology can be your biggest enemies at times.

Plus, the awkward silence. It is so quieeeetee. It is around 10 am. As I write this post. And out of 6 people who are supposed to be in the office today. I am the only one here. Wow, what a crowd!

On the other hand, I am so proud of myself facing all that snow bravely, without a single attempt to KILL myself. I won’t be providing pictures of my driveway, and front stairs. I think everyone can imagine snow up to their knees, and snowy tire marks of my car when I was stuck last night. Thanks to stormy February!

I think I will go on my first coffee break for the day. I can not wait for Feb29th. Freebies just took a whole other dimension.