Sunday, May 20, 2007


I hate people who ignore the fact that you have to turn off your cell phone-or at least not answer it- in offices and clinics. So unbelievably RUDE.
I was at my uncles office visiting not too long ago ( yes I am nice plus I needed help on a matter) and a client, who looks 26-28 years was in his office discussing a product offered by the bank. This DUDE'S annoying ringtoon broke the constant relaxing almost silent sound of the cold AC - which was my afternoon easier- and my uncles conversation. This made us both look with a raised eyebrow (well only me). I raised my other eyebrow when this man carried on with his conversation, then squeezed my eyes at him to reflect my disapproval (of course he didn't see that as he was really busy) checked 3ammo's reaction (Neutral) and then gave up. I decided to catch on observing clients waiting outside and on tellers counters through the huge glass window.
Last week, I was at a clinic with a friend, and this time, a doctor distracted the conversation/diagnoses to answer a phone call form a friend on his mobile!! afterward he started bragging about the WASTA he has and how it helped his son into engineering school!!!
Thats one more thing I hate. Too much bragging!
PS: I didn't mention WASTA because I think I can live in Amman or Saudi without it. Although I hate it a little

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have been disconnected and in the country for a week now. Longest time in my life spent offline...I am loving Amman in May...never experienced it before (some might disagree considering the weather we have had this week) bs wallah I am
here is a list of things that cracked me up, raised an eyebrow..or things I have missed this week
  • I miss my family who didn't come to amman yet
  • I miss my cousin 3eso who I miss his Jordan 101 lectures and notes so much
  • I love my cousin who took me to JUST university to spend a night there. IRBID is one of the weirdest places on this planet! All girls dorms are way weirder and dont get me started on the accent. I think I am gonna visit IRBIDITA again this summer. JUST people are pieces of work bs.
  • My God the road to JUST was so beautiful. i LOVE jordan in the spring
  • How disrespectful people can be, answering their cell phones in clinics and offices and before saying EXCUSE ME. UGH I hate those people
  • Endless arageel nights (love)
  • Visiting Wild Jordan ( new place to unwind, love, cant believe I am just discovering that place)
  • ........the list goes on
I miss blogging

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Duct tape forever

God bless duct tape!

There is a deep connection between North Americans and duct tape. Recently I began to understand the laws of attraction to this AMAZING product. I really find it extremely handy and strong, heck you can use it to even bully your little/big brother an tape him to the wall.

I have actually seen cars duct taped!! crappy old rusty cars from the 80s driven by student.

To those who are not familiar with duct tape, it is this fiber based water resistant silvery tape intended to be used in the military as a quick fixing tools, well during the second WW, but now is used manly in pluming and bullying....and amusing people like me.
If I am not mistaken, my parents used it during the gulf war to seal the windows and doors of our apartment against possible chemical attacks. A part of my childhood I don't like to remember!
One more use of duct tape is in fashion. I have seen on TV how they use duct tape on models, under the clothes, to suck tummies and other defaults. Yes..Yes it does work and it holds. The beauty is how it is tailored made to fix what ever default in your body...not like we you have any ;)
ahhh...the endless wonders of duct is does perform is actually called Jesus tape in some parts of the know for the miracles it performs...I am serious

I think I am being overly emotional here..but I think I want to pack one in and take it with know...just to be ready for emergencies during my vacation in Amman (cant think of any now)
What horrible parents this kido has!