Saturday, November 10, 2007

Facebook as a bridal catalogue

I don't know how most of you feel about this, but for me one of the weirdest most awkward things in my culture is bride hunting. Weather you are being approached or asked for "reference" about someone in specific, and most creepy when you are asked to refer someone you know to complete stranger. i have to admit it is the creepiest when you are approached...

I think many Arabs out there are thankful for Facebook as it saves them a lot of effort as it allows a good "preview" of the possible bride to be. If the dude and his "KHATABE" are lucky, the girl would have an open public profile, or at least close picture of her face available for the public. Then, they can through her list of friends "investigate" if their circle of friends and her circle of friends are connected at some point through a common person (a common girlfriend is the best alternative) THEN an opportunity to approach the candidate rises !

I am serious. A lot of moms out there are behind the monitor browsing through the pictures on Facebook for possible candidate who they will contact her to arrange for when they can come over an have a cup of coffee with the family.

For some people, they go the extra step on signing in into their daughters accounts, go through their profiles and their friends profiles and "help" those nice guys out there finding there perfect bride. Their daughter's accounts has got to have some "listed friends" who are recently graduate Arab females, hopefully not yet spoken for and who are not looking to do any post-grad studies. Hey, you can even filter your search at Facebook by region and by university lol

On the other hand some men, do not put there loved ones through such trouble, because, and I quote some random dude from Montreal " It is easier and sometimes easier on the pocket (cheaper) to find a bride from back home and bring her to live here"

Personally, I made my peace with this, and know that there is nothing I can do, I sometimes even give up, and put up a good word for a girl who I knew. But most of the time I pretend I don't know this person and save myself from any future headaches and such

I don't understand, why can't the guys who are looking for a partner just approach those girls. Get to know them, and then maybe start something. I am sure most of them does not even trust someone else's taste in shirts. Why is it alright to marry based on someone else's taste?

This topic has been coming up a lot in my conversations, as my Facebook list of friends was recently investigated.

A universal trend in November

Lately, every single person I talk to, whether here in Canada or back in Arabia is BORED to death.
I usually turn to the Internet and blogs when I give up on my people in real life. But everyone here is either bored, complaining abut the weather, midterms, other people, or general chronic boredom. Facebook is not any better.
I would try retail threpy and pamper myself into a new big black handbag with great metalic detailing, or silver BCBGirls metalic peep toes, but I am so over budget this month already!
Excuse me, but I gotta go stair at the ceiling for a bit before I put a book in my face

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

AND nowww winter starts

The winter season is officially here today...after being pampered all October with warm weather, and relatively warm November (positive temperature)..Today it snowed!
Although I froze to death walking outside today, and I know that I have a long season of bad driving conditions, I was SO excited to see snow again.
Oh, and I visited the mall today, and most shops are playing Christmas songs already! soon pretty decorations are going to be up. I miss winter, but in 1 month I am going to be bitching about it on this same about being bipolar...
Yay for hot chocolate and marshmallows season!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have always wondered what is Rachel Ray's secrete. I mean the woman is always over happy, over cheerful, strangely excited about the smallest things (weird really), and she always have an appetite for what she cooks as if she has not ate it before.

I am watching the woman on TV now, and I think that she is always HIGH on something while taping the show. Just observe how she is always craving the food.

What do you think is up with here?