Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to business

Back to work
Back to cruel Canadian winter
Back to parking space scarcity
Back to waking up at 7 am

Coming soon: back to boring 3 hours lectures


za3tar said...

Ya 7araam ...... -25 !! this sucks!

In the bad winter blizzards, i used to hate it when my nose froze (inside out) !! Actually, it was a love/hate thing ... the feeling of ice inside my nose was tingling .. so i kinda found it nice .. but not too much.

Anyway, my 6 month break in Palestine and Jordan is almost over now ... and within 2 weeks i will be driving to Chicago to NY during the bad winter snows .... i am definitely not looking forward to that trip.

Eh ... ya sitti .... allah yostor .... it sucks, but bi3een :-)

Isam said...

nice one there cuz ...

Dandoon said...

za3tar- you are on a break...for 6 are you living my dream. Chicago is not any better y3ne..brrrrr

Isam- hala hala

Dana said...

Montreal is usually colder, it was -30 just a few days ago but we're getting some weird weather, today it was 7 degrees?? In January?? The coldest month of the year?? So I feel for you on the weather part at least (and the boring lectures part)