Sunday, February 24, 2008

Parking in Amman...

I came across this short film for Amin Matalqa. This video is overly dramatized of course to make a point. But every woman who drives in Amman would know how likely it is to happen.

I got my license at 16 and have been driving since grade 11. However the fact that I drive a Saudi car in Amman did not help much.

My advise is to close your windows before you start parking. Pretend that you are about to hit one of those guys by mistake. Hopefully it will scare them.
And yea, practice your parallel parking skills inside your garage, and ignore the comment " Walah bte3raf tsof".... :)


Ola said...

Well, despite the fact that I took over 40 driving lessons and still can't drive, I think even if I succeeded in getting a license (which doesn't seem very probable to me) I think parking would still be a big problem! I can't iamgine how I would react being in a car trying to park and having 5 to 6 people betting on me! Nonetheless, this video is hilarious :D

Death artist said...

Lol, I remember that video, the first time i saw it (like 2 years ago) was so much fun !, and yea it is true, and your advice is great :P , every girl should try that !.
Cheers (:

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Sondra said...

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