Saturday, March 24, 2007

Golden shoes & now white bag

My new hot white bag.....cant wait to wear it

After surviving Thursday's morning class, which is painfully annoying and boring. I decided to pay the mall a visit, oh how it always manages to clear my head.There I spotted this beauty on sale...and it spoke to I bought it. I thought it would be perfect for the sunny summer in Amman. I can throw everything thing in it and be ready for any situation I might face.

Today, I got the purse out of its plastic bag to introduce it to its new home and match it with outfits. Then it hit me, this bag would be perfect for my golden shoes which I have not worn in a while (due to the sever cold up here) .

The Happy Couple. Mr. Golden Pointy Ballerina (bottom left) and Mrs. White Bag (Right/Up)

I would leave it to your imagination to picture them, but thanx to my ever handy camera..I have a picture of the happy couple. I really want them to get married. What a cute couple!

Together they totally beat my red shoes...


Isam Abu Salhieh said...

r u like dana my cousine ??

i guess u r ,,,

welcome to the blogsphere !

i didnt know u had a blog b4 !!!

and u know what is my stand on the golden shoes :P

Rambling Hal said...

MABROOOOK!!! U need to show me your red shoes too you know :)

Dandoon said...

Yes 3esam i am the Dana you think I am....we will talk about my shoes later :P

Hal...thank you thank you...and probably the red shoes are going to come in my posts as soon as it stops raining and i start wearing them :)

Roba said...

Brilliant! And hey, we can be friends, We have the same exact pair of Bershkas! I love those shoes!

Roba said...


Anonymous said...

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