Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here I go AGAIN

Yaay...I made it...I created a blog again...
well it took me more than a month after my first blog failed (reasons still unknown)
Just Happy to blog to you!


Abed Hamdan said...

"blog failed" , this is the first time I hear this term :)

just write whatever you like...and your blog is interesting so far , keep it up :D

Dandoon said...

reality is...
I found my old blog after starting posting here. and i was able to access it. so it didnt really fail
the problem was that I forgot my password 10 minutes after logging off the old one..and the support team at BLOGGER chose to ignore my cries for help over the email !
lots of similar stories about me forgetting key things in life will come up on this blog I AM SURE