Friday, April 27, 2007


Finally I am done exams safe and sound. A555555
Life is good without my exams and without my continuous disappointment in profs, marks, assignment, people from school, and the popular blogging topic Timmy's roll ups. I loved having my cup of goodness today without knowing there is another failure waiting for the last sip to happen...

Although I miss the exams rush ( just a bit).. I am enjoying life again! I forgot how good it it to catch up with friends on things other than GPAs and assignments.

I have missed on so much. I have missed writing up about Jenin and the massacre on this space although I owe to it. plus I awaited April to send a salute to its heroes who made me proud to belong to that old city. Proud to be associated with its history.

I didn't let the world to know how my heart ached for those who died two weeks ago at Virginia Tech..... and how it hurt even more to watch the world's arrogance stance on the value of the Iraqi lives that was lost in the same week.

Many ups and downs took charge of my life in the past two weeks.....made me appreciate all the little blessings even more.

I really don't know why I am posting that. I mean I am not Larry King to explain my absence..right? I guess you have figured by now that i am not even close

maybe this my first step in regaining myself.....

PS: i don't blame you if you don't get all the way here. and i don't blame you if you got here and you are bored to death


MQabbani said...

who's Larry King??

and normalization ! i thought ur talking about DB and System analysis ..

never mind :) nice post keep explain

keep ur Smile up have a nice day ...

Dandoon said...

well normalizations was one of things that I screwed up on my a project this semester. yest it was a DBM course. never mind Larry King ...sho y3nee someone who has been on the air almost all his life
hehe..i love his show

MQabbani said...

come on normalization is Rock , LOOL

akk his life in air !! hmm sound like a bird ...

let Google it ... :) see ya

vagueraz said...

Nice Post , also nice blog
GO A Head :)

Dandoon said...

umm hi! Just fell upon your blog accidentally and I thought it was very strange that we had so much in common! Alright that's all, keep up the bloggin!

Dandoon said...

Dandoone... When i saw your name...for a minute I thought I was sleep blogging .

Hamza said...



I miss TIM Horton's cup. Yalla enjoy your vacation while it lasts.

And dude, please go google Larry King. I can't believe that you don't know him. :)

dandoon 3 aka 7aki fadi said...

I always mix you up the 2 dandoons.

lol Hamza.

And dude, 3anjad go google it man.