Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have been disconnected and in the country for a week now. Longest time in my life spent offline...I am loving Amman in May...never experienced it before (some might disagree considering the weather we have had this week) bs wallah I am
here is a list of things that cracked me up, raised an eyebrow..or things I have missed this week
  • I miss my family who didn't come to amman yet
  • I miss my cousin 3eso who I miss his Jordan 101 lectures and notes so much
  • I love my cousin who took me to JUST university to spend a night there. IRBID is one of the weirdest places on this planet! All girls dorms are way weirder and dont get me started on the accent. I think I am gonna visit IRBIDITA again this summer. JUST people are pieces of work bs.
  • My God the road to JUST was so beautiful. i LOVE jordan in the spring
  • How disrespectful people can be, answering their cell phones in clinics and offices and before saying EXCUSE ME. UGH I hate those people
  • Endless arageel nights (love)
  • Visiting Wild Jordan ( new place to unwind, love, cant believe I am just discovering that place)
  • ........the list goes on
I miss blogging


MQabbani said...

Welcome back :)

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

- dont worry abt ur family alot ... u will miss the alone days as soon as they come :P
- i miss u toooooooooooooo
- irbid is something
- yeah i remember the road in may .. remember the green cliff to ur left when ur going back to amman ??? its amazing
- welcome to jordan
- again welcome to jordan
- u never got to know this place bcuz i dont like it :) sorrrryyyyy :)

c yaaa ...

Dandoon said...

mqabbani: hala feek
Abusalhieh: no i don't remember the cliff...i was too busy counting sheep literally not metaphorically. The views felt like I was in Palestine :)

Hamza said...

Your post is hyping me up. I wanna go there noooooow.

Inshalla I will be in Jordan next week. I can't wait to be there.

I suggest going to Um Qais (north Irbid) and Petra if you haven't been there.
You might eve catch DJ Tiesto there (that's if you are interested) ;)

Have fun and DON'T miss the internet. You'll have plenty of time there. go ahve adventures so that you tell us more about them. :D

Anonymous said...

yeah... amazing post :)

Anonymous said...

я так считаю: неподражаемо! а82ч