Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why do I wish if it's 1988 again..

I was tagged by Isam :

Why do you wish you were three?
Give me at least 5 reasons. And if you want to tag someone else go ahead.

**I have to note that it was very difficult to remember anything before my first day at kindergarten. Facts might get mixed up. This is as far as I could remember! (age 4-6)

1) People actually avoided disturbing my sleep....ah how sweet!

2) Cerelac...yumm. I think i might eat a little if I had access to children food

3) Some Remi Bendali songs. I felt like a bird every time she sang ' teri teri ya 3asfora'

4) My mom's story telling and singing.

5) Easily excited. No worries. Mommy could fix any problem!

6) Being able to hide under the bed and behind the curtains

7) Love and affection I got a s the first child. I feel lucky when I see that in my baby pictures.

I tag who ever comes across me its good to think about how sweet it is to be 3!

YOU GOTTA DO THIS and let me know so I can readit :)

I tag dandoon.


Qabbani said...

hehehe nice

hid under the bed :D

Dandoon said...

yes. it was fun for some reason! are tagged! im gonna check your blog later today and read what was it like for you as a 3 years old :)

Qabbani said...


am tagged ! hmm okay that mean 3 tags so far to do , okay check it Sunday and u will see it

Tekrami :)

Dandoon said...

great! looking forward :)

Dandoon said...

I forgot to let you know that I replied to this the other day! Thanks :)

Dandoon said...

I know..i commented on your blog too dandoon!