Thursday, November 8, 2007

AND nowww winter starts

The winter season is officially here today...after being pampered all October with warm weather, and relatively warm November (positive temperature)..Today it snowed!
Although I froze to death walking outside today, and I know that I have a long season of bad driving conditions, I was SO excited to see snow again.
Oh, and I visited the mall today, and most shops are playing Christmas songs already! soon pretty decorations are going to be up. I miss winter, but in 1 month I am going to be bitching about it on this same about being bipolar...
Yay for hot chocolate and marshmallows season!


Hamza said...

I'd do anything to go back and experience winter there :(

Sam said...

u know what..if u move to other provinces u will love ontario's winter...i swear i will never complain!! at least streets get cleared after a snow u only have to worry about driving on the day it snows...but in saskatchewan/alberta/manitoba snow does not get cleared..the main roads get a shave..and the side reads are left untouched! u are looking at snow for 6months straight...i barley went otu because my car would get stuck any time i attempted to drive...i hate SK! southern ontario's winter is not too bad..u get the cold and snow..then it melts and u get some very nice days..then it is snow a gain..and so on...i miss home!