Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have always wondered what is Rachel Ray's secrete. I mean the woman is always over happy, over cheerful, strangely excited about the smallest things (weird really), and she always have an appetite for what she cooks as if she has not ate it before.

I am watching the woman on TV now, and I think that she is always HIGH on something while taping the show. Just observe how she is always craving the food.

What do you think is up with here?


Moey said...

brain damage and disfunctionality?

Abed. Hamdan said...

I Love her! I just love her!

she's pretty! she looks younger than her age.

I like her guts, and I'm always wondering why are not there many girls who are just "happy" out going like her! why does it have to be always drama ??

high ?? Ummm...that's an interesting thought! :)

Dandoon said...

Moey- lol. I can tell she really irritates you!
I always said that about Tom Cruz. Come on now, she is not as bad as he is.right?

Abed- there is nothing wrong with happy and out going. Rachel Ray is over hyper!
I think it is the presence of all this good food. To think about it I get TOO excited sometimes when mom is over and she starts cooking things I like.