Saturday, December 15, 2007

I just had to say something about that...RIP kiddo

A Mississauga 16 years old female was murdered by her father last week. The instant and most surfacing motive to the killing per many sources is her refusal to wear the ‘Hijab’ or the traditional Islamic headscarf which has led her father to snap...and KILL his own daughter.
This is a case of domestic violence, which always re-occurs in what seems like a peaceful town like Mississauga. It is not a case of oppression of Islamic traditions for women, and most importantly, it is not a Muslim life style issue.
The case is purely an issue of violence against women, and a case of poor guidance toward integration for new Canadian families.
Aqsa was failed by the school system, and by the Muslim community centers in Mississauga to guide her and her family through their ordeal. Our MANY mosques and community centers are failing many young Muslim Canadians by not teaching them how to integrate and interact with this new society to them or their parents, without losing their identity. Aqsa has lived a double life as a Hijabi at home, and as a more ‘Westernized version’ at school. Not being able to achieve a balance of both, has led to clash with her family, just like many young Muslim Canadians. *I have seen this happen in Jordan and Saudi, Idont recall someone being killed over it!*
I am NOT trying to defend the father, simply because nothing JUSTIFIES the killing of his OWN child. I am also not trying to blame our Islamic Centers, as they are always lacking the resources for most similar projects. But I can not help it but think how things would have been different if some kind of counseling was seeked by the school, the family, or the child who was killed.


Sam said...

yeh is very sad that it had to end this way...we all had clashes with our parents about one thing or another...i am not sure counceling would have worked in this case..the father and brothers just sound too hard headed...what makes me mad is people's reaction towards this..things like this happen everyday by none idiot was suggesting everyone boycotts muslim cap stupid is this?? so if a cafe owner kills his child for one reason or another we should boycott all coffee shops in the country..dah!

Jundi said...

how did he kill her?

im curious

Dandoon said...

sam- i believe in counseling. it does help. Immigrants DO need direction on how to integrate with society for the good of everybody. Regarding the was a one man effort, he is ridiculous

jundi- the father strangled her, almost killed her, called 911 to report himself, the girl died at the hospital later that night. Sad isn’t it?