Saturday, December 1, 2007


If anything...this month is the month that was stolen from my life.

I have spent it on my kitchen table with my laptop and endless stacks of papers and textbooks. I have learned so much in this month. I am just not sure where to apply all those business concepts I have accumulated. Fingers crossed Dana would get that job... and see if all of this cramming of information and assignments was necessary...

Missing- was The Black Iris of Jordan blog for almost a week. It was mysterious enough to make me start to think that he was blocked by some authority figure. But then again...if anything he should be adopted by those authorities...

I discovered Yamli today...just one of the greatest ideas coming to live...making life easier for hundreds of Arabic typing literals just like me.... I shall post more about it. I am really curious about who started it and how are they planning to make money out of their online I am sure I will find plenty of entertaining materials about using this applications..YAMLI ROCKS

I am too wiped out by now... This month was a true hardcore work month...I hope that life takes a better turn. December is promising a lot of reconnecting...a lot of learning...a lot of decisions...and maybe a chance to take back life

I need some time apart from my sick laptop

Can’t wait to start reading Love in the Time of Cholera....


za3tar said...

"...the month that was stolen from my month." :) ... i bet there is a mathematical paradox in that somewhere (am such a geek) :-) .

Toughen up Dana .... think about it this way .... you are mere days away from a lecture-free and (mostly) exam-free life :) .. yaaay

Dandoon said...

lol...this is exactly why i get my friend to proof-read my assignments

and i am few months away from more semester to go..yay

7aki Fadi said...

Wow you are graduating in a couple of weeks? That is great :) . It kinda makes november a great month if you ask me since it's kinda the last(ish) month studying. Yallah good luck :).

Dandoon said...

oh no 7aki I am not graduating this semester
it is a roumor,Za3tar look what you started.... :)
I have another semester to go...
keep me in my mind if you know any good full-time positions opening in May

Dandoon said...

keep me in mind*

CresceNet said...

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CresceNet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nas said...

thanks for missing me! at least someone noticed :-D

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