Monday, December 10, 2007

My rushed version of posts

To avoid writing multipe posts, and to avoid spending more time on my computer, and as I really really need some fresh air, been needing that since Saturday morning, I will put out my rambles in point form...(why is this becomming a trend?)

  • Is there such a thing as coffe rehab? There should be. I have been trying to reduce my coffe consumption for 3 days now. I am down to 6-7 cups a day, plus some tea. Any tips regarding my addition?

  • I have been in a testing/assignmenting process for two days , even after finishing all school related work. boooh

  • This other non-school work is SOOOOO BORING. I change my mind, I take it back, I want to stay unemployed if this is how it is going to be. Orientations were very boring, and above all, too easy to make me bother regarding picking the right choice, or circuling true and false....

  • My mom is YAAAAY

  • My mom is visiting. and on another note, I have to prepare for the ceremoney by doing the following: clean the house ceiling to floor, clean HER car, wash all the beddings, finish the 3 weeks worth of laundry, grocerize (hate hate hate grocery shopping), make sure my clothest is in tip top shape....Ah I thought I am supposed to be vacationing

  • I really really really wanna see some x-mass decorations. I really wanna finish this post and go check out Square One shopping centre. I envy all those worry-free teenagers walking around with their red, white and green coulored shopping bags, so happy about their purchases. I can not go any longer (almost 45 days) without going to the mall.

  • I FINALLY watched American Gangster. Thank you F for making sure I make it on Friday. A PROPER movie review is to follow, but for now, I have to say it is a 6.5/10

  • I want to strat reading my novel. I have been in restoration mood for two days. This means that I fall asleep on the couch the minute; the tempreture reaches 25 c, my brother stop talking to me, or the minute I start gazing at a document that is not displayed on my laptop (i.e. books and magazines).
  • Yes. something like what grandpa Simpson does :(
  • I hate emotional roller coasters. Even the funny ones. I get headaches afterward, which is not good for my coffe addition...

  • I am going to use Areal from now on on this blog. My prof actually penalized me for using TNR instead of Arial on my presentation.

  • I have to go to Homedepot tonight. I hate hate hate Homedepot. But the light fixture which I bought is not going to hang itself. I have been waiting since October 2006 (yes that long) for it to be hanged by itself, or by brother. I give up. I need ligh in the guest room now

  • I exactly have 18 hours to do all of what I said above before mom arrives.

Ps: my mom is a really lovely lady. She is not scary at all. However, she is for some reason obsessed with order, and neat houses. Above all that, she has a sense of humour which feeds off stories about her kids. Walking into our house as is, will give her comedy matatrials for a month to come. No thanx, i will do my chorse on a short notice instead.

I miss my mom beyond anything I can describe, I love her too. Above all, I love the goodies she is bringing in her suit case from Jeddah and Amman.

I just realized that you would not have needed to read this if only I can find my cell phone and call someone to ramble out all of this, but I missed my blog. I promise some real articles SOON!


Nas said...

you've reduced to 6 cups of coffee?! i dont wanna know what the number was before.

i miss square one, and american gangster deserves a 9!

Dandoon said...

I think I had around 10 cups of coffe in the course of 24 hours
I am decafing now. I will reach 3 sometime before the 20th. I just discovered how to
ok Denzel Washington deserves a 9 , the movie, especially compared to We Own the Night is a 7!

7aki Fadi said...

It's funny how I was going to comment about exactly what Nas commented about, how much coffee you drink and that American Gangster was amazing!

7aki Fadi said...

And oh oh oh I forgot. Lists ROCK

Ammar said...

Well about the coffee thing im in the same situation here everday i try decrease the amount of coffee i consume but i just cant!!
It's a Viscous Cycle!!!

Sam said...

*sigh* i miss square one...i was thinking about it today when i was shopping at mecca mall today...i'll even settle for erin mills..good luck..there may be a coffee anon somewhere on line to help you with your addiction..:)

Dandoon said...

7aki- Russell Crow is suddenly not all what i expected in a movie. i stick to my 7. the man looks 100 years old. *disappointing* ;)

ammar- lets join a coffee anonymous online like sam suggested

sam- you are so canadian. why are you shopping in the mall when you can enjoy the out doors of sweefieh!! i love shopping boutique to boutique

Maher said...

so i guess we dont share the same interests.. i honestly love being in Homedepot, i have no idea why! and i hate American Gangster so much! i even hate Denzel! i'll pick Morgan Freeman overhim anytime.

inshallah toowsalll your mom bel salameh! :>

za3tar said...

Wow that is alot of coffee.

As for tiding up for parents .... that seems exactly like what i did/will be doing. For some reason, every semester starts with me promising myself to have everything organized and in place, but as the semester progresses and pressure increases, things start piling up with no time to organize anything :-).

Dandoon said...

maher and za3tar- thanks for dropping by..I am happy mom is here regardless of the strings attached ;)

Catherine said...

I loved square one when I was growing up! And I can't believe there's no 12-step group for caffeine. There are 12-step programs for issues with money and food and cigarettes and alcohol and relationships and sex and love and sexual abuse and... no caffeine! And they work really well for those kinds of issues (I can attest to their helpfulness with money and food and relationships and abuse, anyway!)... I know someone who used the steps (having worked them in other programs) on her coffee habit and wants to start some kind of Caffeine Anonymous program. I can put you in touch with her if you want! :)

Hating grocery shopping is a whole other issue. I hear that so much from people! Put a ton of us in a confined space in a hurry and charge us money for it and see how many people come out of THERE happy.

You might be interested in the business I just started! I send people a weekly box with a suggested meal plan, recipes, and groceries, so all they have to do is cook. No more grocery shopping! Okay, maybe there are perishables I can't send, but going to buy eggs once in a while is a whole different proposition from actually Grocery Shopping. :)

Dandoon said...

Catherine- I actually prepared a business model for online grocery enterprises in school once, I firmly believe that 50 % of shoppers are grocery stores are dreading the experience. For perishable food items, I suggest that you package them in cooling containers. Hey maybe I can do some online business consultations for you :P
thanks for dropping by