Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I love

the aroma of fresh Ben Al-Amid coffe grinds that have just been delivered from Amman.

I cant even put the bags I received in the freezer, because I want my house to smell like Ben Al-Amid coffe. Too musch s associated with its reviving smell :)


Hamza said...

I don't drink coffee but this 3ameed coffee is famous even here. Whenever we come back from jordan, people always ask us to bring them from Al-Ameed.

Dandoon said...

They actually deliver it to some supermarket twice a week in Jeddah. So you dont actually need to wait for someone to come from Amman if you need some freshness!

Abed. Hamdan said...

the origianl bon el 3ameed is actually in Kuwait!!! I heard that the same guys who used to run bon el ameed in Kuwait (before Saddams invasion in 1990) established bon el ameed Amman.

Bon el ameed kuwait is still great.

I don't like Turkish coffee :)

Dandoon said...

I heard that story Abed. I heard that expats in Kuwait used to gift Ben Al3ameed to their relatives in Amman and thats why Ammanies loves it and probably why Ben Al3ameed almost dominated the coffee market in Amman.
welcome back Abed!

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