Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And I thought I was lazy...

This conversation actually happened in my class last Thursday.
US: Sir, can we talk about our midterm, we are really confused regarding the material included in the test.
Prof: Sure. When is your midterm anyways ( my eye brow is half way through an arch)
US: next week! on Thursday!
Prof: NEXT WEEK. Well we have not covered actual chapters materials to carry a midterm. We have to do someting aboot this (yes he says ABOOT).
I have to mention that last week was week 6 of the program, we should have covered 5 chapters by now. We only covered 1.5 actual chapters. The two hours lecture is spread between talking about his adventures in some deserted university in the Pacific and another deserted university in BC, as a professor.
US: at this point some of us were about to freak out,,,most of us were about to burst in laugh
Prof: well, I guess a take home exam would be a good idea
US: we've never done one before. What would be the format?
Prof: I will let you know soon. I just thought of that now!

Another prof was asked when he would hand out a specific assignment...his answer was..and I qoute " I will give it to you in a future week". What does that mean, can I ever say I will hand you my work in a future date, what is that supposed to mean?
He also was not sure about the number of chapters we have covered. I sure didnt know neither.

How worried should I be at this point?


Jad said...

You shouldn't be worried at all, university is about experience rather than education.

There is an Arabic say "el sho'3ol el nedeef, bedo waget"
so take your time and make it in 5,6 or say 8 years :p

za3tar said...

I think most university professors are quirky ... specially the research oriented ones.

There was one professor who stated in his syllabus that he would give his students 5 assignments throughout the semester. However, after giving the second assignment, he forgot about the rest of the assignments until one week before the finals. At that point, he gave the remaining three assignments at once.

You can only imagine the shock of the students !!

Nas said...

what university do you attend?

Dandoon said...

Jad: I think 8 years is too much for a degree in business... My father thinks I am super spoiled for taking as long as 8 semesters... I wish he was a cool as you are :)

za3tar: yes he is the research oriented kind of prof. I would not be very shocked if I was in those students place, I have developed skills to produce B grade papers in super short time periods in college. I love working under pressure.

Nas: I go to Humber College. I am doing a 4-years bachelors degree in Business. This specific prof however is a former UofT at Scarborough prof. What uni did you go to?

Nas said...

dandoon: YorkU. Why don't you transfer? It'll put you in a good position for a Schulich mba. That program is killer :)

Dandoon said...

Nas..Nas..Nas..it is too late now. I actually applied to transfer to York in fifth year... and I almost got enrolled..I had a time table actually.. but I was not please with the fact that I would have to go to school for extra two semesters. I can still apply to Schulic right after I graduate from Humber...I have more exciting plans for next year thu :)

Nas said...

well best of luck then :)

Life said...

Hehe.. this is really funny..
Its interesting to read about other crazy Uni teachers..at least I know I am not the only one suffering of thier STUPIDITY..
I guess Jad is right.. its not about education sometimes.. :)

Good luck in your "future week"..
And tell us what it means when you realize it!!! :D