Friday, October 5, 2007

Be ware of symbolism..

Have you ever wore a piece of clothing or accessory and reflected a statement which you did not realize at the time? Not even once?

Well, I thought I knew it all and never thought I will fall in a similar situation at this point of my life..BUT I did.

Here is the story. Last year I received a gift from my lovely neighbor who has Irish roots.

"It is a traditional Irish ring, it is called a Claddagh ring, I were it, my daughters were it and I thought I want you to have this" She said. " This ring was passed down to me by my mother, and its design reflects love, friendship, and loyalty. I truly feel this way about our friendship, I want you to have it because I think of you as an adopted granddaughter".

I really think it is one of the coolest gifts I received, its meaningful, it has a retro design, it is almost antique, and I love rings!

Recently, I decided to read more about this traditional ring. and here is what I found about the symbolism of it;

The way that a Claddagh ring is worn on the hand is usually intended to convey the wearer's romantic availability, or lack thereof. Traditionally, if the ring is on the right hand with the heart facing outward and away from the body, this indicates that the person wearing the ring is not in any serious relationship, and may in fact be single and looking for a relationship: "their heart is open." When worn on the right hand but with the heart facing inward toward the body, this indicates the person wearing the ring is in a relationship, or that "someone has captured their heart". A Claddagh worn on the left hand ring finger, facing outward away from the body, generally indicates that the wearer is engaged. When the ring is on the left hand ring finger and facing inward toward the body, it generally means that the person wearing the ring is married. soucre: Wikipedia

This ring is like an Irish DEBLEH!
To all those who have possibly seen me wearing the ring lately. I never meant to wear it with the heart facing inward ;)


za3tar said...

Is your neighbor by any chance an Irish Khattabeh ??

Dandoon said...

Not that I know off--
well i was off the market for al the irish guys i meet last year... good thing there are not too many of them around here