Friday, October 5, 2007

Marcel last!

Well I am saying at last to many things here...
At last I finally went to a concert...It has been a while.
At last I went to a Marcel Khalife first time..and he really blew my mind!
At last I decided to transfer the photos and videos of the concert to my computer.

I went to his much anticipated concert last Saturday. I gotta say, he is much much better in concert and when his two amazing sons are playing by his side. His son Rami gave the songs a whole new dimension with his beyond belief piano playing. Too bad the quality of my videos are not too great to show that :(
No.... he did not sing Rita and the Rifle ( I really wanted to shout it out to him. Didn't wanna stand out in that way though!)

Enjoy :)

This is Amor Be Esmoke and Montaseb Al-Qamate Amshi

This is Montaseba Al-Qamate Amshe


Ran said...

OMG thats so funny..i just came across your blog ..and guess what..i was in that exact concert in toronto! what a coincidence!

Dandoon said...

:) the Internet does make it a small world. I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as I did Ran!
Welcome on my blog

za3tar said...

btw the second video is for the song "shiddo el-himmeh" not "montaseba al-kamati amshee" ... this is false advertisement !!