Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who takes notes at university anyways?/سخرية القدر

I thought this is funny and should be blogged. Isam's university stories were a source of laughter in the family. I just hope the family does not see this. Mainly because now my poor memory is one of their sources of laughter.

Isam: hows everything
Dandoon: i discovered today what does so5reyat al kadar mean exactly
Dandoon: AH 3esam..i have an open notebook midterm tom and i lost my notes
Dandoon: it is the only cousre that i took notes for everysingle class in it
Dandoon:i lost all my class exercises with them and past quizes...kol shee
this has never happened to me since elementry school
Isam:ya 7aram
Dandoon:ya whatever
i dont care about the notes..i just wanna know where the binder went
Isam: mnee7 me de3te inte in the process
Dandoon:i took notes of half of the materials so far
Dandoon: ok mashe make fun of me. why do i tell people too man!
Isam:come on !
Dandoon: 3njad...i hate taking notes...but i did for this course...i ususally do mini stick notes on the text..ta3abee DA3. it is kinda funny
Isam: sorry i dont know what it feels to lose a notebook.i never had one
Dandoon: LOL
Isam:in all UNIV i bought 3 notebooks
wa7ad sar daftar she3er
wa7ad sar daftar tricks
o wa7ad konna ana o basel ne3mal 3aleh el fantasy games taba3oon el football
Dandoon... says: HA?
Dandoon... says: 3esam i am gonna blog this about you. go on explain the last one ...
Isam:blog the whole thing
Dandoon:i am gonna...i am lacking interesting materials for that space
Isam says:fantasy games is when u have a competition
and u pick a team of ur own ... and try to score as much points depending on how the players u picked did in the actual it ?
Dandoon: huh..sound like fun
Isam:IT IS ... MAJOR
Isam:i've been playing the Champions league (sth in europe) for 5 years now hoping to win ANYTHING.never did :(
Dandoon:lol m3lesh...good luck with hocky baseball...bascket ball...whatever other sport you are into
Isam:just football for now
Dandoon: now type so5reyat al kadar bel 3arbee
سخرية القدر

The next day I walked out of my midterm, got into my car and drove home. I completely forgot about my afternoon class, and only remembered it as I was reaching home :S

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