Sunday, October 7, 2007


I was doing some thinking..on the side of doing research, discovering how awesome is Pink Floyd music [no comments plz] and I realized that I will write my last final for this semester on Dec 6.
That is in 8 weeks from today...It is scary to even think about the amount of work I have to finish before I even consider preparing for the finals.
HECK...I just started school!! sho haaad
I really hate first semesters, they are so short and packed with work and holidays which I don't get any days off for. Plus, I have been off ALL summer long ...and its hard to get back to studying mood .....sighssss
I guess I should think about my midterms now..and maybe better focus on my projects due this week....too many Mozilla's windows are open at one time..FOCUS DANA
Wow. this has been the longest I ranted about something without someone interrupting me. mmm, I like this


za3tar said...

--- Interrupted!! --- (so that you can no longer claim that you went on a longer rant without someone interrupting you :D)

I think last semesters are always weird. As for me, i sort of finished my last final exam and just took off. I did not go to my graduation or anything. It has been 4 months so far and i still have these dreams were i did not graduate yet, and i still have some stupid gen-ed to take.

Dandoon said...

No. this does'nt count :P I ranted it all first...
lol...I know how it feels when you don't believe you graduated...I didn't go to my high school grad and prom...just took off to Jordan after exams...
advise..get your mom/dad to frame your degree on the wall maybe those dreams will stop :)
and yea..last two semesters ARE weird
Good luck..for both of us

za3tar said...

Well then, my interruption sets the bar for future rants !! (i might even count the words :-p ).

Unfortunately framing my degree won't work either since i have not received it yet !! i have been told that it was mailed to me, but i haven't seen it to date :-).

Dandoon said... shipping really sucks..but this is too much...what university did you go to...boy are they slow!
i wouldnt blame ya for thsoe dreams :)

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