Monday, October 29, 2007

Axis of Evil...

Axis of Evil is a comedy tour consisted of three Comedians of Middle Eastern backgrounds, Palestinian, Egyptian and Irani. From the name of their group/tour you can tell there are tons of George Bush, US airport security and Arabs jokes. I am only familiar with the Egyptian comedian Ahmed Ahmed who was featured on Micheal Moor's DVD Fahrenheit 911. The rest are just as good!

He is sooooo true about the cussing in English. I don't get when people tell me it is okay to say the big F. Mainly because it is the most used English word (kinda true). I don't think you should use English as an excuse to swear in inappropriate settings and around the wrong people. It is not a good excuse!
LOL at Strabakeees...

The Axis of Evil are coming to Amman. They are performing on November 17, 18, 19 at Court Yard.
Not a single show in Canada in 2007.


Dandoon said...

damn damn damn damn. why did i have to learn that they are going to Amman. I have lived all this time being the last to know, why do i come across it today :S

Hamza said...

loooooooool..these guys are soooo funny. wish I was in jordan to attend that concert. :(

Dana said...

Noooo! This is so sad, I really wanted to see them, they're hilarious! Guess it's our loss :(

Dana said...

BTW the whole Dandoon thing was getting confusing so I changed to Dana so it's easier to differentiate haha

Dandoon said...

I knoooow. I used to get confused myself when reading your comments elsewhere. I felt like I was sleep-commenting!
I actually comment as Dana-T.O on 7aki's blog . LOL
welcome to my blog Dandoone :)

Hani Obaid said...

Where do we buy the tickets ?

Oh, and One word, overdandoonification !

Dandoon said...

oh haniiiii i just saw your comment
here is the URL to their calender
and for more info go to
appearantly they are going Cairo, Dubai and Beirut as well!

Amen to that brother, we gotta do something about the over dandoonification problem :)