Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go back in time...cyber space time

Do you have a website that you like but it does not exist? Do you miss the old layout of a website but can't enjoy it anymore because the website is updtaed?

For those who answered YES, you should try the Wayback machine from the Internet archive website. I like to use it to track the development of websites from the day they started up to now. I love to observing how far web development have come along, and how e-commerec has changed website layouts and functions.

You may not be able to access all buttons on your selected website as some links will not be funtioning, and it takes forever todownload pages with some graphics...
This is how sad did the Hotmail page looked like WAY back in 1996. I think Internet time should be calculated like dogs or cats years. An Internet year prbably counts for 5 normal years.What do you think? I think 5 is more than enough!

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Hamza said...

oh that would be great. there is that old website where I enjoyed my glory days. Its called ""..but unfortunately, it ain't working. :(